Energy Freedom Act clears another major hurdle as it passes out of the SC Senate

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) launched the organization’s largest ever advocacy campaign this year to promote clean energy. Today, those efforts resulted in the passage of the Energy Freedom Act by the SC Senate. The Act is one of the most important pieces of clean energy legislation the Palmetto State has seen in decades and it now moves to the SC House to review changes made in the Senate.

The Energy Freedom Act protects thousands of well-paying SC jobs and opens markets to more job growth.

The Energy Freedom Act was originally introduced in the House by Representative Peter McCoy and went through several rounds of debate and negotiation before the SC House passed the bill with a bipartisan, unanimous vote of 110-0. The Senate passed the bill unanimously.

“The Energy Freedom Act removes the arbitrary net metering cap, protects millions of dollars in private investment in clean energy, and saves thousands of good-paying South Carolina solar jobs,” said John Tynan, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of South Carolina. “We hope the SC House will agree with the Senate changes so this critical bill can move to the Governor’s desk.”

CVSC engaged in a broad grassroots campaign to educate voters about the bill and build momentum. The organization made over 1 million voter contacts since January, to drive support for the bill, including over 88,000 mail pieces, nearly 671,000 digital impressions, knocking on over 6,100 doors, and completing a phone program that reached out to over 194,000 voters.

“The Energy Freedom Act is good for jobs, it’s good for the environment, and it gives people more energy choices while lowering their electricity bills. This is a huge win for all of South Carolina and I’m proud CVSC could play a role in helping move this critical piece of legislation forward,” said Rebecca Haynes, CVSC Deputy Director.

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